Dehydrated Mango Powder

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A bright golden powder made using Australian Kensington Pride Mangoes. 7.5kg of Mango puree is needed to produce just 1kg of finished powder which means that the resulting powder is super concentrated and provides an amazing burst of flavour and colour in small dosages. Made using a special low-temperature evaporative drying technique the resulting Mango powder retains all the nutrients, flavour volatiles and colour of the Mango. 

Perfect for use in all sweet and savoury applications, try it in sauces, rubs, cakes, icings, chocolates and more. There will also be some colour transfer due to the super concentration of the powder and as the powder is moisuture free it can be used in applications where extended shelf life is required. 

Once open please use in 3-4 weeks as the powder will absorb moisture from the air over time.  

  • 100% Mango Powder
  • Super Concentration
  • Made in Australia

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