Transglutaminase Powder

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Transglutaminase (TG) or Meat Glue as it is referred to by many chefs is a naturally occurring enzyme produced by fermentation that links proteins within the food to create a stable bond that can withstand cooking and cooling processes in hot and cold applications.

TG has traditionally been used in industrial food production to manufacturing products that are more stable, uniform and easily processed with foods such as meat (Salami, Pate, Meat Loaf), seafood (Fish Fingers, Crab Cakes) and dairy (Improved cheese texture and more stable yoghurt). In today's commercial kitchens chefs are using TG in applications that have previously been impossible, such as binding meat to form perfect steaks, making prawn salami or gnocchi with ricotta as the only ingredient.

Our Transglutaminase has been approved for use in food production and for Human Consumption.

Usage: As required, as a general rule of the higher the moisture content of the protein being bound the more TG has to be used, with low moisture proteins mix TG into a slurry with water. General usage ratio is 0.05-2%, but in most cases 0.75-1.25% is required.

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