6 Unusual Cooking Ingredients to Try This Weekend

6 Unusual Cooking Ingredients to Try This Weekend

23rd Jun 2023

Are you looking to get creative in the kitchen this weekend and try out some unusual cooking ingredients? Impress your friends, family and instagram followers by creating a dish with one of these special cooking ingredients that aren’t yet household names. You’ll be ahead of the curve and have a new delicious meal to try!


You may not have heard of Kombu, but you will have tasted it if you love Japanese cuisine. Kombu is one of the key ingredients in a tasty Dashi stock which is then used to make Ramen and other Japanese staples. 

Dried kombu is created from fresh kelp that is collected off the northern coast of Japan and then sun dried until all the moisture has been removed and the flavour has been enhanced. It has a strong umami flavour and a slightly salty taste. Use it to level up your next broth.


Harissa Paste

Add some smoke and spice to a variety of dishes with Harissa paste. Harissa paste is widely used in Tunisian, North African and Middle Eastern cuisines. Start simple by adding some to your scrambled eggs or shakshuka in the morning. Alternatively, use it to flavour any meat (we love it with lamb or salmon) and serve with couscous for an authentic and tasty meal.



Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate, made from the Ruby cocoa bean, is the biggest discovery in chocolate in 80 years. Ruby chocolate has a fresh berry flavour, however it contains no berries, berry flavourings or added colour. Use ruby chocolate to make anything from hot chocolate, to truffles, to cheesecake. 

Ready to take on the next level of Ruby chocolate decoration? Try our Ruby Chocolate Crispearls by Callebaut.


Chestnut Puree

Transport yourself to Europe with Chestnut puree, made in France from the finest chestnuts. If you’re feeling like something sweet, try your hand at a french dessert like Mont Blanc or Galette de Rois à la Crème de Marron. If you’re feeling like something savoury, there are some delicious Italian chestnut dishes like Chestnut & Cheese Ravioli or Cream of Chestnut Soup.



Rapadura Sugar

Popular in Central and Latin America, Rapadura Sugar is an unrefined cane sugar that is also touted with health benefits compared to normal sugar because it contains Iron, is lower GI than other sugars and is unrefined. It has a strong, sweet flavour with caramel notes. Why not try some in your morning oatmeal, or whip up some Rapadura Cake or Rapadura Fudge.



Dried Jasmine Flowers

You know them for their beauty and fragrant smell, but did you know you can cook with them? Keep it simple with a Jasmine Tea, or play around with something more creative like a Jasmine and Peach Pie, Jasmine Tea Ice Cream or Jasmine Custard. 

Jasmine flowers can also be used for culinary decoration and flavouring in salads, creams, desserts, tonics and more. 



Try these foods out when you need to spice up your cooking roster with some new and unusual ingredients, and make sure to tag us @redspoonco in your creations!


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