Intense Manjari Truffles

Intense Manjari Truffles

Published by The Red Spoon Co on 4th Apr 2023

Manjari Truffles with an intense, aromatic flavour by Cacao Berry.

Intense Manjari Truffles

Intense Manjari Ganache 

  • 565g Whipping cream
  • 105g Glucose DE 60 
  • 70g butter
  • 592g MANJARI 64%
  • 120g MANJARI PURE PATE 100%

Heat the cream with the glucose to 165-175°F (75-80°C), then combine half with the chocolate fèves and the chopped PURE PASTEMix well with a spatula then add the rest of the cream mixture, and mix using an immersion blender to form a perfect emulsion. Once the ganache is at 95-105°F (35-40°C), add the cubed tempered butter, which should be at approx. 65°F (18°C) and mix again. At 95-100°F (34-36°C), pour the ganache into a frame, to a height of 8mm. Leave this mixture to set until it has the perfect texture for piping. 

Cocoa Nib Crisp

  • 300g GRUE DE CACAO
  • 5g fleur de sel 
  • 70g Muscovado sugar

In a food processor, gently mix all the ingredients together to break the nibs and fleur de sel into smaller grains. Sift the mixture to remove any powder – You should be left with lots of small pieces.

Pre-Coating Truffle Mixture

  • 400g MANJARI 64%

Melt the MANJARI chocolate with the COCOA BUTTER. Mix thoroughly and leave to set.

Manjari 84% Mixture

  • 412g MANJARI 64% 
  • 588g MANJARI PURE PATE 100% 

Melt the MANJARI chocolate with the PURE PATE. Leave to set before use. 

Assembly and Finishing

Make the ganache. Use a 12mm-diameter nozzle to pipe the truffles out onto a sheet of confectionery dipping paper. Leave to set for 24 hours at 60°F (17°C). Make the Cocoa Nib Crisp and set aside. The next day, use the Pre-Coating Truffle Mixture to coat the truffles and leave them to set on a piece of confectionery dipping paper for 30 minutes. Coat the truffles with the MANJARI 84% Mixture. Roll the truffles in the Cocoa Nib Crisp and leave them to set.

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