• Intense Manjari Truffles

    4th Apr 2023

    Intense Manjari Truffles

    Manjari Truffles with an intense, aromatic flavour by Cacao Berry. Intense Manjari Truffles Intense Manjari Ganache  565g Whipping cream 105g Glucose DE 60 70g butter 592g MANJARI 64% 1…

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  • Pan Brioche With Cream

    8th Mar 2023

    Pan Brioche With Cream

    A soft pan brioche that can be filled with jam or chocolate to serve as a dessert or suitable for breakfast, by Caputo.Pan Brioche With CreamIngredientsYeast: 100ml cream for desserts 1 tea…

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  • Neapolitan Mini Pastiere

    8th Mar 2023

    Neapolitan Mini Pastiere

    A classic sweet pastry that's perfect for Easter or any occasion by Caputo.Neopolitan Mini PastiereIngredientsBase:200gr Caputo Pastry Flour100g butter100g sugar 1 sachet of vanilla 2 egg yolks…

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  • Ice Cream Base With Ruby Rb1

    8th Mar 2023

    Ice Cream Base With Ruby Rb1

    A brand new ruby ice cream to spoil the taste buds of your guests by Callebaut Chocolate Ice Cream Base With Ruby Rb1 Ingredients Calculated for 1000g quantity 299g milk  &nb…

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  • Double Chocolate Banana Bread

    2nd Nov 2022

    Double Chocolate Banana Bread

    A chocolate twist on the classic banana bread recipe by Valrhona Chocolate.Double Chocolate Banana Bread Ingredients Calculated for one 5x9” loaf panBatter: ½ cup butter, room temperat…

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  • Custard-Based Chocolate Mousse

    2nd Nov 2022

    Custard-Based Chocolate Mousse

    A decadent custard-based chocolate mousse by Valrhona Chocolate that's perfect for any occasion. Custard-Based Chocolate Mousse Ingredients Weigh the chocolate according to its cocoa c…

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  • Pizza Base

    11th May 2022

    Pizza Base

    A recipe for traditional Italian style pizzas!Pizza Base Ingredients 925gm Pizza Flour (Caputo Nuvola Pizza recommended) 550gm Water 23gm Fine Salt 0.3gm Active Dry Yeast Method Melt…

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  • French Onion Soup

    29th Mar 2022

    French Onion Soup

    An easy recipe that's packed with flavour and perfect for the cooler weather. For Francophiles, Bastille Day is the ultimate celebration of France. This year we are featuring a classic that sh…

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  • Summer Tomato Pizza

    17th Feb 2022

    Summer Tomato Pizza

    A classic pizza recipe that's perfect for Summer.  Everyone knows that the best-tasting tomatoes are picked in Summer when the heat of the sun ripens them to a gorgeous red with the most ama…

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  • Coconut Bark

    16th Feb 2022

    Coconut Bark

    The classic Peppermint Bark normally makes an appearance around this time of the year in many peoples hidden snack cupboards. While loved by many, the combination of bitter and sweet chocolate with…

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