Ultratex 4 Powder

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Is a cold water swelling starch derived from waxy maize and used commercially for instant food preparations subjected to severe processing conditions. Due to its ability to absorb a great amount of liquid relative to its weight and the fact that it is not affected by temperature, acids or sugar, ultratex is ideal for use in baking mixes, salad dressings and freeze & thaw desserts for emulsion, stability and thickening. 

There are a number of versions of ultratex available with the numbers referencing the raw material source used.

Usage: As required, for best results use a blender to shear into liquid and allow to stand for 15mins to activate before processing to desired texture or consistency. You can use ultratex to create a sauce from any liquid, roughly 10-15gm per L depending on the consistency you require, without heat by simply blending into liquid. Once thickened you can also dehydrate the mixture to form sheets or wafers. 

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