8 high end cooking ingredients that will enhance your next baking adventure

8 high end cooking ingredients that will enhance your next baking adventure

10th Jul 2023

Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices

Decorate your dish with this game changer that not everyone knows about - freeze dried strawberry slices! The strawberries have been taken through a gentle process of freeze drying to preserve natural colour, smell and taste, with no added dyes or preservatives. You can even add them to the batter of your cake before you bake it for a delicious baked-in flavour. 



White Vinegar Powder

White vinegar powder is a rare ingredient that is used to add a vinegar flavour or quality to your dish without having to add liquid. It is made using complex fermentation techniques and as a result is not found in regular supermarkets. 




Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes

If you want the perfect salt touch on your dish, you need to use Australian high end sea salt. This sea salt by Olsson’s is from the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight and is free from additives and chemicals. The flakes are soft, sweet and delicate and come in a stoneware jar with a wooden scoop.



Cacao Barry 75% Organic Couverture Chocolate Pistols

For the perfect baking chocolate you can’t go past the range from Cacao Barry, and our personal favourite is the 75% Tanzanie Chocolate Pistols. This dark couverture chocolate which originates from Tanzania has the perfect balance between intense cocoa bitterness and acidity. Plus their range is certified organic and they have been making chocolate since 1842! 



Pistachio Paste

This paste is great for baking due to both its colour and flavour. The shade of green will vary depending on the season, and the flavour comes from the blend of rich pistachios which can work in both sweet and savoury dishes. Our favourite ways to use it include cakes, gelato and macaroons. 



100% Pure Maple Syrup

How to find quality pure Maple Syrup? Check that the syrup was made in Canada, and that there is only one ingredient!

One of our favourites is this organic maple syrup by Escuminac. This maple sap is harvested on the Canadian coastline in Quebec, which gives it a subtle saltiness. The syrup has a rich amber colour and the aromatic profile has hints of brown sugar, dates, toffee and green anise. 



Alto Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Alto is a family run olive farm in the NSW Southern Tablelands which has become increasingly well known in NSW and beyond. Their Robust variety uses a blend of Australian grown Frantoio and Leccino olives which creates a rich, fresh and fruity aroma and has won a handful of awards. Looking for something more subtle? Try one of their other varieties such as the Delicate EVOO or the Mandarin EVOO. 



Heliala Pure Vanilla Paste

Heilala Vanilla is grown in Tonga and packaged in New Zealand, and the Heilala team is passionate about providing employment opportunities to the local community in Tonga. Their famous vanilla paste is now sold around the world and favoured by those in the know. The paste provides exceptional concentrated vanilla flavour, it's a game changed for your next baked dish. 


We hope you have enjoyed this list of high end cooking ingredients to enhance your next dish! At Red Spoon Co we love high end, specialty and unusual ingredients. If you try any of these out please tag us @redspoonco and let us know what you think! 

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